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1.Low Control of “the Interior Outsiders”

In the area the enterprise is highly independent so that the Government takes low administration control. The port area enterprise should implement the cargo control, the computer connection for going through customs and the bookkeeping process work in order to practice the independent management.

2.Preferential Benefits for Land And Other Taxes

Goods, machines for private use and equipment imported into the Free Harbor Area from overseas are duty-free of customs, excise tax, business tax, the tobacco liquor tax, the tobacco healthy welfare contribute, the promoted trade service fee and the commercial harbor service fee and so on.

In area,Duty-free goods, machine, and equipment being in need to be transferred to levy duty area because of repairs, the test, the examination, and the request for processing , once permitted by customs, there will be tax guarantee exempt provided.

3.Operation scope is boarded

(1) Service project increases: Trade, warehousing, physical distribution, cabinet (thing) collection and distribution, the entrepot, the transportation, contract ship, the declaration service, the assembly, rally, the packing, repairing, the processing, the manufacturing, the display or the technical service.
(2) The Condition Operation Is Broad: The enjoyable customs of the adjustment, preferential benefits for land and other taxes and business management are boarded. And measures doing good for business like the cargo storage time which is not limited and the employment of imported laborers and so on, all make a wider space for operation than present physical distribution center work.
(3)Value Added Transportation Conformity: The Free Commercial Harbor Area may carry on every value processing work, and export and transport later.

4.Merchandise Free Circulation

The input stipulation limit of goods being able to enter and be stored are not limited by other laws or regulations, except for the contraband goods, the narcotics, the firearms, the weapon, the ammunition and so on that they, mostly in minority, must have the authorities permission.

Either the exterior cargo enters the Free Harbor Area, or the interior cargo being exported overseas or other Free Harbor Area, as long as the enterprise notifies by the computer connection or the electronic material transmission mode to the customs, and has a record of computer response of the customs, it is permitted to circulate in and out the Free Harbor Area.

5.Informational Entrance Inhibition Control

The check post establishes the phantom identification system to unite with Custom Dynamic Data Base which can shorten the vehicles in and out time, accelerate transportation work, and make economical transfers of the transit cabinets artificial convoy cost of the operation.

6.Single Window Service

Besides harbor service, organizations in the FreeHarbor Area can handle the following services after receiving the authorities permission:

(1)Laborer administration, laborer safety and sanitation, and work inspection.
(2) The Industrial and commercial registration certificates issuance.
(3)Commercial power certificates issuance.
(4)The employment certificates issuance of foreign professional or technical personnel or those residing-abroad.
(5)The application of taxes and levies reduction certificates issuance.
(6)The import and export visa of the goods, certificate of origin and reexportation certificates issuance.
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