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Ship Repairing Works

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 ship repairing works

A. One dry-dock with 160m*28m*8m (L*W*H)
B. Auxiliary equipments
i. Main pumps: 4 sets of pumps including 160HP (2 sets), 150HP (1 set) and 134HP (1 set)
ii. Ancillary pumps: 3 sets of 20Hp pump.
iii. One diesel-engine generator with 1,000 KW for emergency
iv. Power supplies: 8 sets including A/C 60Hz six sets ( 380V / 220V / 110V ) and 2 sets ( 440V)
v. Electro-hydraulic mooring winch: 2 sets(60HP)
vi. Fresh water and sea water supply systems.

FAR OCEAN Ship Repair Maintenance Co. , Ltd.

Contact person:JYUN-HAO ,LIN  Title: Manager  


TEL: 886-6-2808987  Email: tainanlgh@gmail.com

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