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 Climate General Description
The winter monsoon usually starts from September and ends in April of the following year. It prevails from October to March. Winds in this monsoon season are predominately from October to March, and are predominately from NNE, occurring about 80% of the time. Winds over 20m/sec account for only 1.71% of wind activity. The strongest gale recorded had grade 10 on the Beaufort wind scale. In the summer season winds are mainly from S and the wind velocities are mostly under 10 m/sec. Typhoons normally occur from July to October. The maximum wind speed recorded reached grade 13 on the Beaufort wind scale. Sheltered by the Central Mountain Range, the Taichung Port is seldom subject to severe typhoon attack. Precipitation: (1977~2002)
Average yearly precipitation: 1302.0 mm.
Average yearly rainy days: 95 days.
Max. monthly precipitation: 219.9 mm in May.
Min. monthly precipitation: 10.4 mm in October.
Temperature: (1977~2002)
Mean annual temperature: 22.9o C.
Highest mean monthly temperature: 30.0o C (July ,1998).
Lowest mean monthly temperature: 13.7o C (Feb. ,1977).
Humidity: (1977~2002)
Mean annual relative humidity: 77.8%
Highest mean monthly relative humidity: 89% (Feb. ,1990).
Lowest mean monthly relative humidity: 59% (Nov. ,1983).
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