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(1)Response to the global operational development of enterprises
Thanks to the open markets of cosmopolitan trade activities that enterprises can now take the world as one single market considering less about national borders, purchasing and manufacturing in various countries, and then selling products worldwide. The moment Taiwan stepped into the World Trade Organization (WTO), the less possibility for Taiwan to stay out of the global trends. The program Global Operational Development Plan, based on liberalization and internationalization managerial mode, was passed by the Government in October, 2000.

(2)Strengthen the advantages in competitive power in Taiwan
The Government announced Port Free Trade Zone Establishment Act of Administration in July, 2003, in the hope of reinforcing the advantages in competitive power in Taiwan, building a track which connects Taiwan to the world by integrating Physical distribution, commercial interchange, information class and golden class.

(3)The Goal
Commercial opportunities: to invest in fundamental constructions of global operation that will make Taiwan a perfect land for businessmen and transnational corporations to set up operational district headquarters
2.Taichung Port Free Trade Zone Area
Taichung Port Free Trade Zone exploitative area amounts to 662.32ha, divided into two phases and three exploitative areas.

(1)The First Phase
District One: Wharf #1-18 with 181ha wharfage.The formal operation started on Oct. 31, 2005.
District Three: West wharf #1-7 with 77ha wharfage.The formal operation started on Oct. 31, 2005.

(2)The Second Phase
District Two: Wharf #20A-46 with 278ha wharfage.The formal operation started on Aug. 8, 2006.

District Two: Special Zone for Port Industry Development(I) 82.55ha.The formal operation started on Aug. 7, 2013.
District Three:Special Zone for Petrochenmaical Industry 9.2ha.The formal operation started on Aug. 7, 2013.
District Three: Special Zone for Petrochenmaical Industry 32ha.The formal operation started on Oct. 22, 2015.
District One: Special Zone for Port Industry Development(I) 2.57ha.The formal operation started on Jan. 16, 2017.
 Taichung Port Free Trade Zone Area(Opening bigger version of picture)

3.Software and hardware construction in Taichung Port Free Trade Zone :
Software and hardware facilities hereunder for free commercial harbor area dealing with relevant business through computer connection and electronic material transmission mode are in the process being constructed.

(1)Free Port Area automation gate sentry post control system:
North dike, North pier, the fourteenth intersection, the tenth intersection, central pier, south basin and west wharf are equipped with automatic gate sentry post control system, positions chosen according to the Three Districts. Cargo control at Free Harbor Area is computerized. The system registers cargo port entry and exit information, and then has information circulation with custom dynamic data base and harbor district affairs.
The functions includes Human and vehicle turnover gate sentry post automation identification, Human and vehicle material immediate checkup, Cabinet (thing) entry and exit gate sentry post immediate material checkup and record, and Car lane surveillance video taping, Net transporting, Gate information display, Data statistic report and Unusual information processing mechanism.

(2)Free Port Area CCTV supervisory system:
Coordination of automation gate sentry post control, and the entity fence and the CCTV monitoring device setting up. The total distance is approximately 7,340 meters. The system clearly distinguishes the controlled area and the non-controlled area of the free port district and conforms to the international ships and the port facilities preserve stipulation.

(3)Construction of the information platform:
The regulatory body of the Free Harbor Area will integrate the electron data for human, vehicle, and Cabinet entry and exit control demanded by port area correlation units. In different work and application flow, the goal of building the sole platform and window can be reached by planning the feasible system conformity plan. The platform carries on the data, the Harbor Police Bureau Person Vehicle Passes Management, Free Harbor Area Enterprise, Port Area Gate Sentry Post, Customs Pass through Information and Trade Network Cabinet, exchange and transmission, and controls circulation of all information. Take the interface as a bridge for the electronic data transmission system to reach the demand for person and vehicle control.

4.Rentable Land
There is land of total 68.97 ha. rentable.

District One: 1ha. rentable land.

Position & Area

Position Area(ha)
#12 Wharf
Total 1

District Two: 65.51ha. rentable land.

Position & Area

Position Area(ha)
Special Zone for Port Industry Development(I) 65.51
Total 65.51

District Three:2.46 ha. rentable land

Position & Area

Position Area(ha)
Special Zone for Petrochenmaical Industry 2.46
Total 2.46


5.Industries being able to station in:
>>Free Port Area Enterprises:
(1)Trade, warehousing, logistics, collecting and distributing (cargo of ) containers, transiting, transshipment, forwarding, customs clearance, assembling, sorting, packaging, repairing and fabricating , processing, manufacturing and the exhibition or the technical service.
(2)Financial, loading and unloading, dining, hotel, commercial conference, transportation and other authorized businesses

6.The operation situation of manufacturers stationed in:


FTZ Enterprises

Business Services

Area One

Elite International Logistics Co.

Trade、warehousing、logistics、transshipment、transiting、forwarding、assembly、sorting、packaging、repairing、processing、the exhibition、port warehouse management

China Container Terminal Corp.

Warehousing、collecting and distributing(cargo of )containers

Universal Warehousing Inc.

Trade、warehousing、logistics、transshipment、transiting、assembly、sorting、repairing、port warehouse management

Trade-Van Information Services

The Technical services

Tonglit Logistics Co., Ltd.


Us Catscan Taiwan Co.


Universal Logistics Inc.

Trade、warehousing、logistics、transshipment、transiting、assembly、sorting、repairing、port warehouse management

Taiyen Biotech Co., Ltd.

Trade、warehousing、logistics、sorting、packing、processing、port warehouse management

Whaleship Logistics Terminal

Trade、warehousing、logistics、sorting、packing、port warehouse management

Hong Chang Free Trade Co., Ltd.


Hang Yao Logistics

Trade、warehousing、logistics、assembly、sorting、packing、port warehouse management

Taiwan CDF supply Ltd.

Trade、logistics、transshipment、transiting、port warehouse management

Untied Wax Co., Ltd.

Trade, warehousing, logistics, transit, transit, packaging, processing, manufacturing, port warehouse management

Grown Field Co., Ltd.

Trade, warehousing, logistics, transit, transit, restructuring, packaging, port warehouse management

Yurak International Trading Co.,Ltd.


Super Hero International Co., Ltd

Trade、warehousing、logistics、sorting、packing、port warehouse management

Asfour Logistics Service Co., Ltd

Trade、warehousing、logistics、transshipment、transiting、assembly、sorting、packaging、repairing、processing、port warehouse management

Area Two

Chien Shing Harbour Service Co., Ltd.

Warehousing、logistics、port warehouse management

Wan Hai Lines Ltd.

Warehousing、logistics、collecting and distributing(cargo of)containers、transshipment、transiting、assembly、sorting、packaging、port warehouse management

Evergreen International Storage & Transport Corp.

Warehousing、collecting and distributing(cargo of)containers、port warehouse management

Teh Long Warehousing & Stevedoring Co., Ltd.

Trade、warehousing、logistics、transshipment、transiting、port warehouse management

China Container Terminal Corp. #31

collecting and distributing(cargo of )containers、port warehouse management

Formosa Transportation Co., Ltd.


Jin An Logisitics Internaional Co., Ltd.

Trade, warehousing, logistics, packaging, port warehouse management

Taiwan International Ports Logistics Corp.

Trade、warehousing、logistics、transshipment、transiting、assembly、sorting、packaging、repairing、processing、port warehouse management

Hitachi Fortune Transformer, Inc.

Trade、warehousing、transshipment、transiting、assembly、sorting、packaging、repairing、processing、port warehouse management

Area Three

Coastal Performance International Co., Ltd.


Taiwan Fuel & Energy Supply Co., Ltd.


Chenergy Global Corp.


Pan Overseas Corp.


Year Sun Chemitanks Terminal Corp.

Trade、warehousing、logistics、sorting、port warehouse management
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