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the Port Of Taichung
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As a representative of  the Port Of Taichung, Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Ltd., I hereby welcome you to the Taichung Harbor Global Website.
The Port of Taichung started its construction in 1969 and officially commenced operation in 1976. Being the biggest international commercial port in central Taiwan, the port is bounded by Dajia River to the north and Dadu River to the south, covering a vast area of more than 4,000 hectares with its hinterland stretching over seven cities and counties in central Taiwan. To achieve the success of global logistics management, the Port of Taichung sets up a FTZ(Free Trade  Zone)  of more than 600 hectares and offers the advantages of low-level customs intervention, in-depth processing, bonded system, tax incentives, minimal administrative requirements, and relaxed labor restrictions. These FTZ advantages help our customers significantly cut transaction and production costs, create more added-value and bring along more diversified business models.
At the forefront of economic liberalization and free trade, the Port of Taichung is dynamic and eager to expand cooperation with international partners looking for an innovative strategic platform to launch and effectively manage their Asian businesses.
The Port of Taichung is located midway between Northeast and Southeast Asia, a most advantageous position on Asian shipping routes, making it an ideal port-of-call. It serves as a regional transshipment hub for bulk cargoes, a container port for near-sea shipping routes, and it is a main port-of-call for Cross-Strait passenger-cargo vessels. In addition, the Port of Taichung has a comprehensive highway and road network conveniently, connecting the port with other parts of Taiwan .
In the face of rapid changes in global shipping industry and economy, the Port of Taichung prioritizes innovation and sets up various kinds of “special zones” to attract and facilitate business investments. It offers a comprehensive platform for supporting services honed to maximize economic benefit. Reflecting growing interest, over 100 firms have set up business in the port so far.
The port is stepping up cooperation with local government authorities as well as exploring and developing synergies with science-based parks, industrial parks, export-processing zones, trade parks, precision-machinery parks and value-added agricultural centers in the region. Today, the Port of Taichung is a vital engine of economic growth in central Taiwan.
Located astride one of the world’s busiest commercial shipping routes, the Port of Taichung maintains a main channel of 350m in width, a south northbound channel of 400m in width, and both channels are 16m in depth at low tide. Our professional tugboat fleet satisfactorily meets the needs of modern large-sized vessels. The Port of Taichung’s current 58 berths are equipped to handle container, bulk & general, coal, grain, and liquid cargoes as well as passengers. With its competitive advantages, the Port of Taichung attracts many state-owned and private companies to run business here. Annual cargo tonnage handled at our port has exceeded 100 million metric tons since 2010.
The Port of Taichung is constantly evolving and growing. We will increase our total number of berths to 78 and develop into a regional hub for passenger traffic, container and transshipment, industrial base and value-added logistics. Committed to preventing pollution and protecting the environment, we are moving forward with policies to cut CO2 emissions and to utilize renewable energy. Further, we will continue our endeavor to sustain our greenbelt and 200+ hectares of forested parkland.
The Port of Taichung is where the land and sea start, where hopes and dreams sprout. While promoting regional blue-water-recreational business opportunities, we will stick to our belief of Green Port and be a responsible corporate citizen.
We have been working hard with ambition towards our goal of serving the country for economic development and freight advantage, and providing the best service to customers. Of course, we always welcome your suggestions for how we can improve our services.  Lastly, thank you for your visit.
Best Regards,
President :Sean Lu
President e-mail: vp-ceo-tc@twport.com.tw
Last updated:2020-09-29
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