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Completion of First of Several Wharves Tailor-Made to the Needs of Offshore Wind Farm Development Efforts Reflects Port of Taichung’s Full Commitment to the Offshore Wind Industry
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    2020-06-12 ~ 2021-06-12
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Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) subsidiary Port of Taichung is creating an offshore wind power industry park that is actively supporting the construction of Taiwan’s expanding offshore wind farms and, eventually, will service their ongoing operational and maintenance needs. Taichung Port Wharf Nos. 2, 5A, 5B, 36, and 106, currently at various stages of construction or renovation, will support the wind-turbine manufacturing, storage, assembly, and transport needs of related private-sector contractors. Wharf No. 106, completed on April 17th of this year (2020), will soon be put into service receiving wind turbine parts and materials and shipping out assembled turbine components ready for installation. Furthermore, the vacant land behind this wharf will be paved over for use as a multipurpose yard and bulk-cargo handling facility.

A statement by the Port of Taichung notes that the new Wharf No. 106, built at a cost of around NT$1.186 billion, provides a total waterline length of 450m, an operating water depth of -16.3m, and a load-bearing structural (wharf) width of 33m. Uniformly distributed load (UDL) capacities on the wharf platform are: 40mt/m2 over a 187.7m-long section, 10mt/m2 over a 237.5m-long section, and 3mt/m2 over a 24.8m-long section. Moreover, to meet the needs of jack-up vessels, the seabed in an area extending 200m beyond both ends of the wharf and 60m outward from the base line has been sufficiently reinforced to permit turbine installation vessel (TIV) anchor loading operations up to 90mt/m2. Wharf support facilities (such as bollards, fenders) and associated public facilities (such as roadways, drains, and quay-side water and electricity supplies) are more than adequate to meet all normal operational requirements.

Port of Taichung President Chan-yu Lu remarked that in order to fully support the national goal of generating 5.7GW of clean, wind power by 2025, TIPC is going beyond creating a comprehensive base for wind-industry development and growth and for related maintenance / workboat support. TIPC, he said, has also made a significant investment in Taiwan International Windpower Training Corp. Ltd. (TIWTC) in order to train up critical domestic wind-power industry talent. Once critical assets are in place, the Port of Taichung will be in an exceptional position to develop a globally competitive offshore wind-power industry cluster and to gain global visibility as a world-class hub of green energy industry development.

Provided by:Construction Management & Engineering Dept., Port of Taichung, TIPC
Contact Person:Wei-cheng Huang, Manager
Telephone No.:04-26642550
E-mail Address:Construction Management & Engineering Dept., Port of Taichung, TIPC

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