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Taiwan's 1st Wharf Dedicated to Supporting Offshore Wind Farm Development Set to Commence Regular Operations
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    2019-03-12 ~ 2020-03-12
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Working to facilitate the national government’s goal of installing 5.5Gw of offshore wind turbine generation capacity by 2025, the Port of Taichung, a subsidiary of the Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC), has made steady progress on the construction of the new wharves necessary to support wind-turbine assembly and delivery needs. The port completed work at the beginning of this year (2019) on the first of several dedicated wind turbine wharves, which will soon set a new milestone in the development of the domestic wind-power sector.
In support of the national offshore wind-power initiative, TIPC will renovate or construct new wharf and support facilities at Wharf Nos. 2, 5A, 5B, 36, and 106. These wharves and facilities will be available for private firms to use in wind-turbine production, storage, assembly, and transport. A statement by the Port of Taichung notes that related renovation work on Wharf No. 2 was completed at the beginning of the year and that this wharf is ready to support ongoing private contractor efforts to install new wind turbines in the Formosa_1 Offshore Demonstration Wind Farm zone according to schedule.
Port of Taichung President Ying-Fong Chung stated that wind turbine wharves differ from standard wharves in several important ways. One is their weight-carrying capacity. Wind turbine wharves are reinforced to a minimum standard of 3mt per square meter. Further, the already-mentioned Wharf No. 2 has been tailored specifically to support Formosa_1 project needs, with its weight-carrying capacity significantly upgraded to handle 10mt per square meter, ensuring the suitability of this wharf for tower assembly operations. In addition, reinforcement of the seabed off of Wharf No. 2 now meets the requirement allowing berthed wind turbine installation vessels to take on up to 90mt/m2 of cargo, which is necessary to handle the transport of main turbine components (rotors, generators, towers).
The Port of Taichung, a designated homeport for Taiwan’s offshore wind turbine industry, is continuing to develop / refurbish sufficient wharf and commercial support infrastructures to meet the needs of the various companies involved in the transport, assembly, and installation of offshore wind turbines.
President Chung further explained that as West Coast wind farm infrastructures take shape there will be a growing demand for relevant support staff and technicians. Taiwan International Windpower Training Corporation (TIWTC) was founded in May 2018 with the goal of providing related training. President Chung hopes that TIWTC will play a substantive role in promoting the expertise necessary to create a vibrant, vertically integrated offshore wind farm supply and support community at his port, helping the Port of Taichung become a key hub of international green-energy development and promotion.

Provided by:Construction Management & Engineering Department, Port of Taichung, TIPC
Contact Person:Huang Wei-cheng, Manager, Maritime Projects Office
Telephone No.:04-26642317
E-mail Address:Dandes@twport.com.tw


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