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TIPC Actively Helps Sustain National Protected Forests, Port of Taichung Set to Plant over 70,000 Saplings This Spring
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    2019-04-12 ~ 2020-04-12
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Working to help safeguard nationally protected forest areas and promote positive corporate-citizen practices, the Port of Taichung, TIPC has joined in partnership this year (2019) with the Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation (TOAF) to plant over 70 thousand tree saplings along the northern edge of the port’s protected forest zone. The Port of Taichung is putting ecologically sustainable management into practice and helping to protect our environment.

The 166-hectare nationally protected forest area no. 1435, western Taiwan’s largest protected forest area, borders the northern section of the Port of Taichung. This forest was first planted over forty years ago and is today largely populated by beefwood trees (Casuarina equisetifolia), which act as an effective wind break and hold down the area's sandy soils.

The Port of Taichung's long-term management program promotes natural tree seeding and regrowth, which has allowed the forest to mature into a highly diverse environment. Moreover, port administrators have actively promoted reforestation on port lands, regularly planting large numbers of tree saplings as one way of showing their commitment to environmental sustainability. The Port of Taichung first began cooperating with TOAF in 2018 in a successful program that planted over 10,000 saplings in the port. The scale of this program has been expanded this year, with two reforestation activities scheduled, respectively, on April 13th and May 4th that will plant over 70,000 saplings.

The Port of Taichung noted that the Forestry Bureau's Dongshih Forest District Office has this year singled TIPC out for special recognition and appreciation for its work in maintaining nationally protected forest areas and sustaining their effectiveness in protecting against coastal winds and fixing and improving coastal soils. The soils across the Port of Taichung are largely nutrient-poor and hard, making it difficult to plant and maintain trees. However, pursuant to its environmental sustainability and corporate citizen pledges, the port has not only succeeded in raising and maintaining a healthy forest cover but also integrated eco-management principles into everyday port administration in the interest of making positive, long-term contributions to environmental protection.





Provided by:Occupational Safety and Health Department, Port of Taichung, TIPC
Contact Person:Ku-hui Huang, Director
Telephone No.:04-26562611#2223
E-mail Address:khh@twport.com.tw

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