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Port of Taichung Further Strengthens Security Monitoring System, Enhances Safety at the Port
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    2019-05-21 ~ 2020-05-21
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As part of ongoing efforts to ensure safety within its administrative jurisdiction, the Port of Taichung, TIPC has added additional security cameras to its surveillance and monitoring network in and around the Water Recreation & Tourism Corridor near the Visitors’ Service Center.

Port of Taichung statistics show that numbers of visitors to the port have risen sharply since the opening last year (2018) of Mitsui Outlet Park, with nearby attractions such as the sea-viewing lawn at the end of Zhongboqu, installation art pieces like “Mazu Crossing the Sea” and “White Dolphins” near the Visitors’ Service Center, and vibrantly painted wave-break tetrapods rapidly growing in popularity – especially on weekends and holidays. Working to safeguard the rights and safety of all port visitors and to maintain the comprehensiveness of public security at the Port of Taichung, TIPC has installed and linked 14 new security monitoring points into the port’s security grid.

Officials of the Port of Taichung emphasize that TIPC’s Port of Taichung subsidiary, in addition to implementing national policy priorities and managing commercial port operations, has abiding responsibilities to promote port safety and to effectively minimize the risks and incidences of accidents.



Provided by:Harbor Management Department, Port of Taichung, TIPC
Contact Person:Ching-jung Tsou, Manager
Telephone No.:04-26562611 ext. 2364
E-mail Address:ship_dmj@twport.com.tw

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