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Port of Taichung Secures Dual Certification under ISO 45001 and TOSHMS (CNS 45001)
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    2019-11-15 ~ 2020-11-15
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The Port of Taichung, TIPC was formally certified under both international ISO 45001 and domestic TOSHMS (CNS 45001) occupational health & safety management system standards last month (October), setting a new high benchmark for the domestic port management sector.

Port of Taichung President Sean Lu remarked that, as Taiwan’s primary port management authority, the Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) takes seriously its responsibility to maintain safe and healthy work environments at its subsidiary operations. The Port of Taichung took the lead in implementing ISO 45001 occupational health & safety management system standards across its operations beginning in November of last year (2018) and has worked continuously to fully realize related policy objectives and principles ever since. As part of this effort, the port has conducted comprehensive hazard identification and risk assessments for vessel and cargo handling operations and systematically designed and implemented related standard operating procedures (SOPs), administrative guidelines, staff training programs, and safety assurance measures in order to achieve sustained improvements in health and safety management. These efforts have effectively reduced / prevented workplace hazards and risks, facilitated the health and safety promotion efforts of cargo handling service providers and other port businesses, and given the Port of Taichung the administrative means to effectively improve port-wide health and safety, helping the port better reflect its role as a good corporate citizen and further advance the sustainability of core port administrative functions.

In addition, President Lu expressed his appreciation to BSI Group for conducting the 2-day audit at the Port of Taichung and for the group’s role in setting the port on its way to achieving further health and occupational safety milestones down the road. ISO 45001 certification, he emphasized, is only the beginning. President Lu looks forward to leveraging the spirit and principles of ISO 45001 to continue the systematic improvement of health and safety standards at the Port of Taichung using appropriate administrative systems and measures on the way to achieving ‘zero incident / accident’ objectives.



Provided by:Occupational Safety and Health Dept., Port of Taichung, TIPC
Contact Person:Chih-nan Hsieh, Director
Telephone No.:04-26642400
E-mail Address:hsiehcn@twport.com.tw

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