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Port of Taichung Completes Work to Ensure SoCPF Renewal for International Commercial Port Facilities
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    2019-01-11 ~ 2020-01-11
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An important mission of the Port of Taichung is ensuring that all of its port facilities meet the requirements of international conventions and treaties and that the highest levels of safety are regularly maintained. Recently, the port has completed providing guidance training on port facilities to 26 public and private organizations as well as finished producing associated security reporting and plans. The effort is now bearing fruit in the renewal of Port of Taichung’s Statement of Compliance of Port Facilities (SoCPF), issued by the MOTC’s Maritime Port Bureau.

In an official statement, the Port of Taichung said that port security efforts were being made in accordance with Article 42 of the Commecial Port Law, whereby “The commercial port administration authority should handle various international commercial port security assessment tasks and plan out security assessment reports accordingly. These reports and plans should be sent to the commercial port authority for ratification.” The Maritime Port Bureau supervises the Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) in conducting international commercial port security assessments, drafting security assessment reports, and developing security plans. The Bureau further conducts annual audits and tests of security measures in domestic commercial ports.

The Port of Taichung notes that since the 9-11 terrorist attacks, the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code has provided the guiding principles for maintaining the security of vessels and port facilities. Ports are required to secure a renewal of their SoCPF every five years in order to comply with international convention requirements and to ensure safety and security.

The Port of Taichung currently has 26 discrete port facilities. The last Maritime Port Bureau SoCPF review was conducted in April 2014, with validity extending until 2019. In order to effectively maintain port security and normal port operations, the Port of Taichung convened the Taichung Port Facilities Security Committee (TPFSC). This committee comprises the 26 organizations responsible for the aforementioned port facilities along with relevant public authorities, including police, immigration, fire, and coast guard authorities and the Centers for Disease Control, and is chaired by the Port of Taichung President.

All 26 of the private and publicly-managed facilities at the port were subsequently inspected, and successfully renewed their SoCPF. The TPFSC, which has met twice since forming, has now finished and submitted the overall security assessment report for the Port of Taichung and planning documents to the Maritime Port Bureau. Furthermore, a meeting on the exchange of SoCPF certification documents was held with the private and public organizations on December 27th, 2018. Going forward, the Port of Taichung will adhere to the work schedule set by the Maritime Port Bureau, implement hands-on oversight of port facilities, complete the security assessment report and planning document, and secure SoCPF renewal from the Maritime Port Bureau, ensuring that port facilities continue to comply with international convention requirements and that the port continues to maintain the highest levels of safety and security.



Provided by:Harbor Management Department, Port of Taichung, TIPC
Contact Person:Wen-shan Lee, Manager, Administrative Office
Telephone No.:04-26642271
E-mail Address:dab@twport.com.tw

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