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Work Commences on Port of Taichung Offshore Wind Farm Turbine Support Wharves
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    2018-01-02 ~ 2019-02-01
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The Port of Taichung, TIPC in line with national wind power generation policies is creating new infrastructure to serve as a new offshore wind power park and equipment production / assembly base. Wharves 5A and 5B are currently being upgraded to handle the assembly and loading of turbine parts, rotors, and generators, while Wharf 106 is currently being upgraded to handle the delivery and receipt of related materials and equipment.
Responding to the needs of central government wind generation policy priorities, the Port of Taichung began related infrastructure developments at Wharves 5A and 5B in 2016 to be able to meet technical and capacity requirements. Wharves have been reinforced to handle loads up to 50mt/m2, an additional 3.4ha of adjacent yard area has been made available, and dock surfaces have been strengthened with an additional 1.5m layer of gravel. Budgeted at NT$1.4 billion, the overall engineering upgrade included creating 400m of new wharf water length, dredging wharves to water depths of -11m, and installing shoreline protective structures, connecting roadways, and related water runoff, water supply, electricity supply, lighting, and security systems. The project commenced on June 11th, 2017, with work expected to finish on Wharf 5A during 1Q 2019 and on Wharf 5B during 1Q 2020. Completed wharves will meet the requirements set by TaiPower for assembling and handling the wind power turbines that will be delivered and installed at designated West Coast offshore wind farm locations.
Industry categories currently designated for the port’s Second Industrial Park include energy, power, iron and steel, and petrochemicals. This list may expand based on need and port approval. The wind power sector fits this list and related businesses are encouraged to consider investing and establishing plant, warehouse, and other related facilities in the park. Firms that have already committed to investing in the Second Industrial Park include New Excell, the Yeongguan Group, and Yung Cheng Industries. Additionally, one section of the park has been designated for use by TaiPower as ash ponds. The planned Wharf 106 will be designated for use by Second Industrial Park businesses as well as for the delivery / shipment of wind turbine components.
Plans for Wharf 106 include creating 450m of new wharf water length and installing related structures such as mooring posts, fenders and public facilities, including electricity, telecom, fire suppression, water supply, and water holding tank systems. The Wharf 106 project is budgeted at around NT$1.4 billion. Work began on December 22nd of this year (2017), and 100m of reconstructed wharf length should be finished by the end of 2018, with all work on the new wharf slated for completion by the end of 2020.

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